Technicolor is Delicious

Hello hello!

I haven’t posted anything for a while and I also noticed that there is very little color on this site. Thus, I uploaded some old color pics of mine and some character references for my final senior animation that I am working on.



Pick Your Adventure

Seriously, I need to stop updating this once a decade. Here are a few fun drawings I have done recently  for kicks. I hope to do some more epic  serious pic when my life isn’t being eaten away way by school work.

See ya soon!

Fist of The Awesome Star

Allo! Allo! It’s been a moment since I posted some  of my sketches , so I decided to quickly post a few interesting things from the summer. Enjoy!

Back To The Future

I waited for months to be able to use that title. My geeky-ness never fails to amaze me. I know I said I would show some color, but I haven’t had the time to make color pics. I just finished a cruise, and a lot of the drawings are from during my island-hopping activities. My style is way too unrealistic in this post. I am going to seriously do some  realism work for next post . See you on the high tide!

Attack Of The Brain Of The Past

So I promised a few weeks ago that I would post the last few interesting pieces from FWT. I finall y got around to it. I also hope to post some more recent sketches and such when school finally ends. Next update may actually have some color pics!

Hip to Be SQUARE

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I decided to post some stuff I have been working on for both classes and pleasure this term. I still have some field work term stuff to put up, so another new post should be coming soon. Cheers!

Now with Action-packed Super Grip!

Here are some sketches of a few characters I have been floating around in my head for sometime. The best thing about this internship was that was alway sketch crazy during the week… Will post more tomorrow maybe…sickness…must sleep….

Super Secret!

Here his some sketches that I did at work. I had a huge Hanna Barbera kick/obsession , so here the pictures relating to that. See ya next time!

Go Team Venture!

Moving right along, this post focuses on my first sketch-filled internship day at World Leader Entertainment! I will also start to cut out the less presentable sketches because I’ve realized that there would probably be 150 pictures if I didn’t.  I going to try and link a friend of mine, so as soon as it pops up you should check it out. Enjoy!

Ping Pow Surprise!

Moving on the groovy train of sketches, this post will focus on cartoonish drawings from the summer of 2009. There is actually a lot of pics here because it contains drawings from my figure drawing days as well as during my time at Las Vegas. The next few posts on the blog will be by dates, so each post will be a bunch of drawings from a particular day (I usually draw more than one drawing pure day). Slowly by surely we’ll get to present day and then I can post weekly or daily from there. Also, you’ll notice that at this point I started dating my sketches in Chinese.

P.S.-This was suppose to be posted days ago, but I didn’t realize I saved it as a draft…soooo enjoy! ^_^;;

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